Monday, August 22, 2005

Another half-assed post

No pictures this time, either. I know, I'm a bad blogger. I'm just too tired to care this morning. Mondays suck.

Anywho, an expected influx of cash this weekend enabled me to engage in some S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement Experience). I made my first trip to Velona's in Anaheim Hills. I made my poor husband stop on the way back from helping our friend to move. Wisely, he remained in the car with the air conditioning. Wow, this store has everything! It is packed to the rafters with every yarn you could ever want. Except for Koigu, maybe, but then again I may just not have come across it. The salespeople are extraordinarily helpful, and if you ask for a particular yarn, they can tell you exactly where it is. So, I got some Kid Classic in this color, some Kidsilk Haze in this color, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Indian Summer and Northern Lights, and a book for my secret pal. I got lots of other stuff this weekend for my secret pal, too, but I don't want to give anything away, in case she knows about this blog. I feel bad for not sending anything in the past month, so I am hoping this big box o' stuff will more than satisfy her :) In online S.E.X. news, I ordered my yarn for the Irish Diamond Shawl, and some more sock yarn - Cherry Tree Hill in Fall Foliage and Gypsy Rose, and Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters in Canyon and Crazy Woman. See, still expanding my color horizons :)

I'm still working on my sock, and the pattern is now coming along swimmingly. Yay! I have about one more repeat to go before I move on to the plain section. Of course, I had to cast on for another sock in the Indian Summer. I'm just doing a simple sock, making it up as I go using design elements that I like. I started it on Saturday, and I'm already down to the heel. I'm not normally someone that likes brown, but the purples, golds and oranges offset it enough in this colorway to really speak to me. I figure I'll work on this sock at work, and the more complicated one at home. Then when I get the yarn for the shawl, I'm dropping everything to work on it, so I can attempt to finish it by war. We'll see how that goes!

Ugh - I just discovered that somebody is spamming my comments. I'll delete those comments ASAP. What a frickin' pain...