Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well, poo

The sweater didn't fit :( I should have listened to that small voice inside that said, "Maybe you should go up to the next size...". I will wait until we get up to Oregon, order about 10 more skeins, and start over. There is no graceful way to alter the result as is, but that is okay. Not like I'll have a whole lot to do once we get up there (aside from the job hunt, that is).

Everything is pretty much set up for us up there, we just need to finish our packing down here. This Friday is my last day at work, then we move at the end of the next week. We sign paperwork and take possession of the house on the 21st. I'm excited and stressed out all at the same time.

Still working on the Dr. Who scarf. That's about all that my poor pea brain can handle right now.