Sunday, April 29, 2007

Off to Mom

I sure hope she likes this!

I also became a member of the Slogalong, because of this:

I am only at about the halfway point. But this is helping to keep me sane right now.

Things are moving right along (har har). We supposedly had the inspection on Friday, but we haven't heard anything back yet as to what needs to be done. I imagine they will have some questions about the lights - we have an X10 system in our house, which just means that we have our lights hooked up in such a way that we use keypads and remote controls to turn them on and off. We are taking the X10 with us, so they will just have normal lighting when they take over.

We also bought some dish packs and glass packs, and packed up all of our glassware (except for some essentials) yesterday. It felt good to get so much done. 84 wine glasses! The mind boggles.