Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Very First Post

Hello, and welcome to my knitting blog! I just lost my first post, so I will recreate it the best I can...

This blog will serve two purposes: (1) As my knitting journal, and a way to meet other knitters out there; (2) To spare my LJ friends my ramblings on knitting. And there has been much rambling as of late. So, it was time to set aside a special space for my newest obsession.

First, a little about me. I am 31, and live in Southern CA with my husband and 3 cats. No kids, and we're not planning on having any, ever. We are far too selfish and have many expensive hobbies. I like horror movies, books, gourmet food, good wine, and spending time with good friends. And now I can add knitting to that list.

I started crochet when I was but a wee lass. I learned from my mom, so I worked on the same types of projects that she did at that time - doilies, and lots of them. So I learned patience from an early age. I dabbled in knitting briefly, but it didn't take. Later on in my teenage years, I got into counted cross stitch, but I have no finished objects to show for it. I would inevitably make some mistake in my counting, and the project would end up in a closet to rot for all of eternity.

Four months ago, my friend Terri got me back into crochet. This time I tried my hand at making a hat, a scarf and an afghan. None of these projects were ever finished, and I now have a ton and a half of acrylic yarn taunting me from the closet (some in colors that I will never use again). Terri then got into knitting, digging out her copy of Stitch N Bitch that she'd been sitting on for the past year. She lent me the book, and folks, it was all over. I now have many small finished objects to my name, and am working on my first sweater.

I plan to post at least once a week, depending on how much I am working on at any point. I currently have 4 WIP's in the queue, so I suspect I will be posting quite a bit, at least initially.

Expect pictures in upcoming posts of my FO's and WIP's. Until then, happy knitting all!