Friday, December 23, 2005

Holiday knitting

At last, some pictures of things I am working on.

The bears:

The one on the left is for our friend's baby, made out of Cashmerino Superchunky in Rose. I had to double the yarn to get the right gauge. The flash on the camera made the stuffing look more apparent than it actually is in real life. The white bear is for my sister, and knit with Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca. She loves bears, especially polar bears. And what self-respecting polar bear would go outside without their scarf?

So, I had some yarn leftovers. I still can't figure out how I ended up with 2 skeins of the alpaca left. It will be a question for the ages. So, I whipped up a couple more items:

I've talked about the scarf before and its tendency to shed. But isn't it purty? And the fingerless gloves have already paid for themselves. I always have cold hands, so I carry them with me everywhere. And they are SO soft.

And, the project I am working on now:

I am on the 7th repeat of the first half, and I love this pattern. I also love the way the leaves pop up (heh, I almost typed "poop"). I keep showing my husband this phenomenon, but he is less than impressed.

Today, I wrap gifts, clean up the house a bit, go to the tattoo/piercing shop to get retainers for my body piercings (so I don't get felt up by airport security), and possibly go to a holiday party tonight.

I'll be in Victoria, BC from the 27th through the 31st, so you probably won't see any posts for at least a week (but really, is that so unusual?) So, I hope y'all have a smashing holiday, and that you get everything you wished for :) See you next year!