Friday, January 13, 2006

New Home

Well, it's my old home - my other blog. I've been writing in that blog for the past couple of years, and have even met some RL friends through that blog.

When I started knitting early last year, I didn't have too many friends that were interested, and wanted some validation and support. So, I started this here knitting blog, to meet more people and get more project ideas.

However, both blogs have suffered because I don't post in either one as much as I could. I don't talk about knitting in my other blog, and I don't mention much in the way of personal stuff in this one (although I've tried to change that). I got in the horrible habit of just cross-posting stuff here from the old blog, and adding on some knitting content. That just isn't right.

So, I am going to start posting in my other blog exclusively. I will be adding knitting content to my posts over there, so please feel free to visit! I'm still hemming and hawing about adding that blog to the knitting webrings, since I won't be talking about knitting all the time over there. When this one is eventually removed from those rings, I will understand.

Anywho, please bookmark the new-old site: