Friday, December 15, 2006

A whole year since I last posted here

Well, I'm going to give this another go. Darn it, I still like the idea of having my own little place where I can show off my knitting progress. Plus, I noticed that what few readers I had quickly dropped off when I started posting exclusively in my other blog. I don't blame you - I'm not exactly prolific in my other blog, and LiveJournal isn't too visitor-friendly in terms of posting comments.

I've done a few updates on this page, namely including some new links to what I read now. I know there are a couple of webring links that are likely out of date - I will remove those as time goes on.

So, what have I been up to in the past 11 or so months since I last posted? Quite a bit, actually. We went on a wonderful trip up to Victoria, BC last winter - seriously, the best vacation my husband and I have ever taken. Canadians are so nice and friendly. We would so live up there, if the opportunity came along. The rest of the year wasn't too active - lots of knitting, hanging out with friends, roasting in our house during the Summer That Wouldn't Die (as I like to think of it).

July and August, we started thinking that we wanted to move out of state. We've both lived in CA all our lives, and it's time for a change. Besides, we hate it here - the people are rude and snobby, the drivers should all be shot, and most of our neighbors suck and don't invite us to neighborhood parties. Plus, do you know how expensive it is to own a place in SoCal? So, we pulled out a map and asked ourselves, "Where do we want to live?" We had requirements - milder winters (some snow, but not too much), temperate summers, more nature, no desert, affordable housing, liberal leanings. After some research, we came up with Portland, Oregon. Now, I've never been up to the Pacific Northwest, but I always loved it in theory. J has been up to Seattle, but not to Oregon. So, we took a trip up there for a week to check things out. Wow - I absolutely loved it up there! So, it was decided. We put our house on the market in mid-August, and it is still up on the market. The housing market has slowed waaaaay down, and this isn't exactly the best time of the year to sell :) I never said we were smart!

So, as soon as we sell, we'll move up north. We're probably going to end up renting a house for about a year, then look for a place to buy. One obstacle was taken out of the way - J will be able to keep his job and work from home up there. And keep his current salary. I will be the only one that needs to find gainful employment. Since I'm in HR, I don't think this will be a problem.

I also happen to think that things happen a certain way for a reason. It may not be discernible at the time, but eventually things are made clear. In light of the news stories recently about the crazy flooding, wind and rains, the people getting lost in the snow, perhaps winter would not have been the best time to move after all. I'm thinking spring will be just about perfect.

I'm still depressed about not being up there already, though.

Next post - picture heavy! I'll update with the projects I have worked on so far this year, and what I am working on right now.