Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In Search Of....

A rental. That's what the name of the game is around here. We currently have an application in for a place in Beaverton, so all 2 of you that read this please keep your fingers crossed. I won't bother describing the place until we receive confirmation that we actually got it, so you'll just have to wait :) I swear, about 50% of my stress will go away when we get this rental business settled. Once we have an address, we can start setting up utilities, movers, etc.

We also have a couple of moving companies coming out in the next couple of days to give us estimates. These are larger, well-known companies, because I have heard far too many horror stories about these shady movers that hold your stuff hostage for more money, and I just don't want to go through that madness. Well, who does want to go through that, actually?

We also started packing this past weekend. We did the bookcase in the bedroom, a good portion of the office, the spare bedroom, the linen closet, and the cassette tapes and VHS tapes (yes, we still have these horribly outdated things because we are old school like that). Oh, and I packed up the Dicken's Village stuff, too.

I am also having to think about what I want as a job, as I'm updating my resume. It seems that a lot of the positions are for "HR Generalists", which includes the things I am doing now, and also "employee relations" duties. This means that I would be the person that an employee would contact if they are having issues with their manager or their department, or they are just having issues in general. Do I want to deal with other people's issues? I already do that to a certain extent with benefits administration, but I still manage to keep behind the scenes for the most part. I may need to compromise, but at the same time I don't want to end up hating my job.

Oh yeah, I didn't mention that we did sign the escrow paperwork on Thursday, so that's why everything is all full speed ahead around here :) I also gave notice at work, and my last day is May 11th, which will give me about a week before the move to tie up any loose ends.

And there's been crocheting. I finished Mom's sweater. Did I bother to take a picture? Of course not! It is blocked out in the spare bedroom, and it seems to be taking forever to dry. I'll probably turn the fan on it tonight to speed up the process a bit.