Friday, April 27, 2007

Just trying to keep my mind occupied

The inspection is today. I don't think they'll find anything major, but we've been unpleasantly surprised before. I just hope whatever is on the report can be fixed in 2 1/2 weeks.

Things are moving right along. We did secure a lovely rental townhouse in the Beaverton area for a very reasonable price. We've found movers. We're starting the process of switching all of our email addresses to our gmail accounts. We have a party planned at the local English Pub to send us off in style and to tell our friends goodbye.

I manage to find moments when I think, "Oh my god, what the hell are we doing, leaving everything we've ever known and everyone we love?" I have to remind myself that other people (including our parents) did just that, at about the same age. I'm sure it was scary for them too, at first.

In project news, my mom's cardigan dried beautifully, and I will take it up to her on Sunday to try on. I'm crossing my fingers that she likes it.