Friday, March 02, 2007

I finished my socks...

But I totally finished them WRONG. I decreased to a total of 14 stitches instead of 28 before I kitchenered the toes. Whoops. At least this is something that is easily remedied, so I will take pics after fixing the toes.

I am now working on the incredibly boring scarf. The color changes are holding my interest, at least. I do feel guilty that it will be spring by the time this scarf is done, but I can't help it if the sock yarn is calling me!

Speaking of which, the first box of the Rockin' Sock Club should arrive any day. I suspect they are filling the orders as they were placed, which means I will be dead last. Oh well - I am totally looking forward to my first experience with STR! I'm trying to stay away from other sites that have posted pics of their shipments already, so I don't spoil the surprise for myself. I'm also withholding judgement of the colors until I see the yarn myself. I'm not a big fan of blue. I owe a friend of mine a pair of socks, so they can always be for her if I don't like the colors :)

Still haven't sold the house, and it looks like we will need to lower the price, which sucks ass. We'll live. I'm hoping we (or our friends) win the Mega Millions tonight, so I don't have to worry about the house any more. Good luck with that!