Thursday, December 21, 2006

Overload! Randomness!

My brain is teeming with projects that I want to be working on. I'm still slogging through the first sleeve of the sweater - I think I have about 20 rows to go, then I start on the second sleeve. I'm going to the LYS today to pick up a couple of needles and some yarn for a couple of chemo caps that I'm making for a friend. I previously made her the cabled newsboy from Stitch N Bitch Nation (it was so cute I almost kept it for myself), and Odessa. She liked Odessa so much that she's requested two more in black and cream. I'm more than happy to oblige! I also need an extra circular needle so I can start on Mom's poncho. I'm so pissed - I lost my Denise needle case at some point, and I tore apart my house trying to find them with no success. I should probably just invest in another set.

Here are the other projects I've been thinking about:

Fetching - such an appropriate name :) I love gloves, and this would be a great quick knit. I can imagine having many, many colors of these.

I already went on about the lace leaf pullover, so I won't bore you with that again. I'm getting the yarn today via UPS, so we'll see how it goes.

Eternal Embrace - I really like the pattern, because of the ease. I made a turtleneck shrug for myself, and I felt like a claustrophobic overstuffed sausage in it. And I love the site.

At least a couple of these projects will be super-quick for me to complete, so I will probably work on these during my time off.

I've been surfing the knitting blogs, finding some old ones and new ones. There were several that I had stopped reading, and I couldn't remember why. I came across one in particular (I won't mention the name here), in which there was a post about the Anticraft site, and it all came rushing back to me why I had stopped reading some of these sites. Some people were so critical of the Anticraft site when it first came out, because of the gothy content. I had no idea so many people were so hateful about "goth"! People who claimed to be so open-minded were really goddamned judgmental and MEAN when it came to that website. So, I stopped reading theirs, because I couldn't stand the hypocrisy. I'm finding that I didn't miss much of anything after I had taken these blogs off of my Bloglines listing.

Ok, rant over.

So, what am I doing for the holidays? Not much of anything, thank goodness. I am off from work from noon today through the 2nd, so I intend to get a lot of knitting done during that time. The holidays are weird for me this year - I haven't been in the spirit at all. I'm not religious anymore, so there's been no church activities for the past several years, but I still liked to decorate and celebrate the pagan side of the season. J has always hated Xmas and the consumerism, and has been trying to woo me over to the "dark side", in having me not celebrating Xmas in any way. He may think he got his way this year, but I can guarantee that this is not a permanent condition. In fact, I feel it coming on, little by little. I may just put some stuff out when I get home today!

We will see the hub's parents on Xmas Eve, and mine on Xmas day. We're getting together with friends on New Year's Eve to make tamales and drink champagne - yum! I can't wait!