Monday, December 18, 2006

Vacation on Sleeve Island

No sleeve pics, since I haven't made enough progress to warrant documentation of the 2 inch blob protruding from the armhole region.

My weekend was deliciously lazy. As we pondered what to do to get ourselves out of the house on Saturday, we found out that we would not have an open house that afternoon after all, owing to the windy and blustery weather. Our butts were planted firmly on the couch in the living room the entire weekend, and as a result I got an amazing amount of knitting done on the sweater. I completed the front, grafted the shoulders together, and picked up and knit stiches for the first sleeve. Then we shall see if the beast actually fits. I have yet to engineer a sweater that fits me properly, so I shan't get my hopes up too much.

Last week, I won a $50 AMEX gift card in a holiday raffle, so of course I had to buy yarn and books with the winnings. Because I am still obsessed with this pattern and getting it right, I bought enough Needful Yarns Van Dyck for the Lace Leaf Pullover. This is the exact yarn that the pattern calls for, so it damn well better work this time! I also cruised by Amazon and picked up Big Girl Knits, the Yarn Harlot's new tome, and a "best of" CD by The Pixies. Not too shabby!

I am counting the hours until I get off work on Thursday. I am excited to have all of that time off!